Kelly is...
Fearless! Kelly McLaughlin embraces trying new things in life. That wasn't always the case. She battled crippling anxiety growing up, and has worked hard over the years to get out of her comfort zone.  "All I can do is my best each day and that's enough".
The busy public health consultant and teacher stays active as a form of self-care.
That's how she discovered surfing.  Her life coach asked her if she wanted to try it. Kelly said "sure, but I don't know how".  Her coach said "Neither do I".  
When they arrived at the beach, Kelly found a group of women who also never surfed.  They were all there to take lessons from Stacey of Stacey's' Surf and Paddle.  After the first lesson, Kelly was hooked.
Wearing Niki Roxx...
She recently hit the waves wearing Niki Roxx. She loves the bright colors of the designs and said "the fit is nice and lightweight for a hot summer day." And perhaps one of the best compliments of all - Kelly said "wearing Niki Roxx has made me feel confident in the water."

December 20, 2023 — josie thuy Admin