Jeanmarie is...
Limitless! Jeanmarie Linehan is joyful, optimistic and a fierce competitor who believes in the benefits of hard work. That's how she approached running a recruiting business for 22 years, as well as her extensive race training.
Jeanmarie competed in multiple competitions including the IronMan in Lake Placid. It's a grueling 2.4 mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a full 26 mile marathon!
It required physical and mental strength, diligence and sacrifice. She credits her friends who helped challenge and encourage her while training.
Her latest passion is surfing! She fell in love with it this year- especially while hitting the waves in the morning.  She's made new friendships, with her surf buddies in the Surf Roxx crew.

Her motto on the waves is "Don't be greedy".  Wait for the right wave. 

Wearing Niki Roxx…
She does that while wearing Niki Roxx which Jeanmarie says makes her feel bold, pretty, and brave. "I wear the Margate Shortie which is a great fit and practical. The bottoms don't ride up." Jeanmarie added "the colors and styles are unique. It's been a long wait for gear that makes us gals look good and feel good as we do our thing."
December 20, 2023 — josie thuy Admin