Niki started surfing when she turned 50 years old. "Rockin' my 'golden years' (sing it like Bowie) on a surf board was my dream" she said. "Every wave I catch gives me a feeling of pure joy."


The award-winning fashion designer wanted cool surfwear. "I searched for bright colors and prints but all I found were boring black wet suits and surfwear built for girls, not women."

Niki got to work. "I started thinking about how women are always on-the-go. A multi-purpose suit can be worn in the water and out of it, to appointments, to work or dinner".

Add in Niki's love of 60's, 70's and 90's fashion and music, and you can see how she created the bold, eye-catching designs of NIKI ROXX.


Niki (aka "Nicole") is a dynamic designer and innovator who's known for creating and reinventing brands. She started the popular "Dollhouse" streetwear line and award-winning "NM70" footwear brand and led reinvention efforts at companies such as Anthropologie and AG Jeans.

Niki said "Now is the perfect time to launch Niki Roxx because you're never too old for a great idea!"


Multiple prototypes were made and tested in pools, the ocean and on land. (Thanks to Niki's trainer Jenny and friends at her NYC gym including Anne). A survey was created (special thanks to Donald) and sent to members of the surf community and some of Niki's friends. The feedback helped with the selection of final products.


The Long Jane Catsuit is so versatile, you can wear it to surf, swim or to the gym. Niki wears it in spin class and biking outdoors. She also likes to put the Ocean City Rashguard on over the Long Jane Catsuit for those early mornings riding waves.

She'll throw a shirt over it to run errands, and pair it with a large blazer for work or dinner.

The Margate Shortie is the shorts version of it and perfect when the water is a bit warmer. It covers the bare necessities whether you surf, paddleboard, waterski, or just want to look great in or out of the ocean.


I worked with the best team: Jieun, Josie, Michelle, Dan, Samantha, Brenna, Donald, Dannika, Erie, Stephanie, Kierra, Jill, Becky, Lisa, Jenny, Sammy, Shannon,Tiffany, Anne B, Nicole J and my fabulous Mom to bring it together. Thank you all!

Enjoy, Niki "Roxx'' Murray

Life's a beach. Grab a wave.

Niki Roxx features dynamic, multi-purpose outfits that can be worn in the ocean, in the gym and just about everywhere in between!

Designed for women who love a challenge and see every obstacle as an opportunity to shine.