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Women Who Roxx: Nicole "Niki Roxx" Murray @nikiroxx4ever

Niki Roxx is…

A cutting-edge creative force!

From jeans to streetwear and sneakers, @nikiroxx is an internationally-known fashion designer and re-inventor of brands. is the latest creation of Niki’s (aka Nicole) that includes NM70 Footwear and Dollhouse streetwear.  She’s also lent her expertise to companies such as Anthropologie and AG Jeans just to name a few.    


Don’t quit your daydream.
If you want to reach a goal, come up with a plan.
Set milestones and a timeline for reaching them.


Diana Nyad wanted to swim from Cuba to Florida.  She failed at 28 years of age, but completed the 110 mile mission when she was 64!  

Venus and Serena Williams skipped the traditional path of playing junior tournaments and grew up to be two of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Want an example that might be more relatable? I always wanted to learn how to surf and finally did it at age 50!

Don’t give someone else’s doubts, more value than your beliefs

When Nicole started in the fashion industry, she worked as an assistant designer at a renowned fashion label.  Another company saw her potential and offered her the opportunity to design a brand new line. She accepted.  When she resigned, an executive at her old company expressed doubt that she would  succeed.  The line she created was the wildly successful, and award-winning Dollhouse streetwear line.

How Niki Roxx started…

Niki fulfilled a lifelong dream when she took up surfing a few years ago.  It turned out her biggest challenge wasn’t catching a wave, but finding colorful suits designed specifically for a woman’s body, so she created @nikiroxx !

Wearing Niki Roxx..

The beauty of the line is the look, feel and function. The look is dynamic and fun.  Designed for a woman’s body, it feels like a hug when you wear it, and you can wear it throughout the day, and night.  It was created for swimming, surfing, running errands and having dinner with friends.     

Nicole Surfing Nicole Murray 
August 27, 2023 — Dannika Solano